Proper Precautions When Your Vehicle Has Broken Down

Safety first!

In an accident or a breakdown, the first order of business is to take precaution with your broken down vehicle. Sometimes the vehicle can’t be maneuvered on its own, and this means there are some important points to follow to prevent further danger to other motorists.

  • Keep calm - safety always comes first!
  • Move the vehicle to the safest possible place (for instance, a parking lot, rest stop, emergency lane, or pullover to the rightmost side of the road).
  • Always pay attention to vehicles moving on the road.
  • Turn on your emergency lights before and while you roll your car to a safe location.
  • If it is dark or visibility is impaired, turn on your low beams.
  • Stop the engine.
  • Put on a safety vest. (We recommend all passengers wear a safety vest.)
  • All passengers should exit the vehicle on the side of the vehicle that faces away from the street (most often, the passenger side).
  • Keep all pets on a leash.
  • Look for a safe place to wait (for example, behind a guardrail).
  • Do not cross the road!
  • Set up a warning triangle (place the cover on the seat as a reminder): Walk along the outermost edge of the road or behind the guardrail, facing oncoming traffic with the warning triangle opened in front of you at chest height. Always adjust the distance safely according to the situational conditions and visibility. Always set the warning triangle in front of any curves or inclines (hilltops). For general reference: approximately 50 meters in city traffic, approximately 100 meters on country roads, and at least 150 meters on a motorway (about the distance of 4 guide posts).
  • An open trunk can also indicate a warning to traffic coming from behind.
  • Make an emergency call by telephone or at an emergency call point. For the next emergency point, follow the black arrows on the guide posts on the roadside.
  • If the standing vehicle, loose cargo, or auto parts are in the way of or endanger traffic, notify the police by calling 110 for safety and recovery. Never recover items yourself!
  • Repack the warning triangle after the breakdown! 

Important! Please note that other laws and guidelines may apply in different countries. Always check the current regulations of each country and region before starting your trip.

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