Our Services.

As your partner in mobility in the north of Berlin, we are your contact for any services related to ADAC. Team Schnell is your reliable and competent company when it comes to vehicle logistics. Our portfolio spans from towing services and car rental to the purchase and recycling of your vehicle. We are happy to answer your inquiries. Take advantage of our know-how!

For our customers with ADAC membership:

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Towing Service
  • Salvage / Accident Recovery
  • Pick Up Transport
  • Special Transport
  • Clubmobil Station: also Deliveries
  • Transactions involving ADAC membership are possible through our services on site

For our private and commercial customers:

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Towing Service
  • Salvage
  • Car Rental
  • Recycling of Vehicles
  • Purchase of Vehicles Involved in Accidents (including cases of totaled vehicles)
  • Legal Advice from our Partners

Pick Up and Delivery Service

By axle, by tow truck, or by trailer, we will bring your vehicle by whatever your desired means to our specialist garage that’s appropriate for your needs or to any other destination. In addition, we will gladly arrange the delivery of a vehicle rental or organize your transportation.

Vehicle Delivery

Take advantage of our expertise in the delivery of vehicles in Berlin and throughout Germany.

Vehicle Security

As a partner for banks and insurance companies, we organize discrete and reliable safeguarding of vehicles in Berlin, Brandenburg, and throughout Germany.

Roadside Assistance / Towing Services / Salvage

You can trust our many years of experience and our constantly growing know-how in this area. We work successfully with insurance and assistance providers in Berlin, Brandenburg, and throughout Germany.

Vehicle Rental / Replacement Vehicles

With us, you get not only a direct and simple replacement vehicle rental appropriate to your needs, but we also organize the individual delivery of our rental cars directly to your door. Rental vehicles are a possible option after an accident or also in the event of a roadside breakdown.

Purchase of Your Vehicle — Used and Vehicles Involved in Accidents

Take advantage of our knowledge in selling vehicles both used and those that have been in an accident. Our team is available for you around the clock. Contact us, and we will gladly present to you our offer simply and at a fair price, no matter if it’s used and in great condition or if it’s had some rough turns. Vehicle de-registration from the office of registration is included.

Scrapping Your Vehicle

With our certified disposal partners, we organize the complete transfer, recycling, and in general, the scrapping of your vehicle within the conditions of your contract.

Freight Transport

We organize the transport of your vehicle from the port directly to your door, in Germany and throughout Europe. Our agile fleet works to your advantage, making sure you won’t have the long wait that often occurs with large trucks due to their capacity requirements. Because our fleet is flexible, we are significantly faster and can easily handle your individual orders.

Towing of Electric Vehicles

The recovery of electric vehicles demands special care and expertise. Our trained team boasts all of the necessary qualifications needed to recover or transport your electric vehicle.