Team Schnell

Roadside Assistance, Tow Trucks & Car Transporters

We are here 24 hours, around the clock on Sundays, on holidays, during all seasons of the year, and in any weather conditions. Our customers’ expectations are high. Keeping our promise to our customers is only possible with a strong and reliable team that has a high standard for their own work. Further training through developmental courses and seminars is, therefore, an integral part of this, as is a permanent exchange of experience and practical knowledge between our experts.

Franziska Schnell

The Managing Director.

Through her, all things come together. She learned the family business from the bottom up. She works meticulously, responsibly, and with an eye for results. A great team and satisfied customers is what counts for her.

Thorsten Skupch

The Organizational Talent.

He works daily, filing for optimization of internal processes and workflow. He dispatches with heart and competence and stands 100% behind his services and his whole team. Helping makes him happy.

Daniela Mösezahl

The Department Manager.

Even in stressful situations, she always keeps a cool head. With her experience and warmth, she brings the much-needed calm and solves problems in the blink of an eye. 100% Team Schnell!

Roadside Assistant Ronny

Help runs in his blood.

since one year in the team, always competent & helpful. Even if your car has a breakdown - Our super likeable Ronny always makes sure that you still arrive at your destination. Top Team Player!

Roadside Assistant Karsten

Always a knack.

Loves the contact with customers. As a former garage owner, he has one or two tricks up his sleeve. When it comes to breakdown assistance, he likes to improvise - always with the customer in mind - indispensable for the team.

Roadside Assistant Axel

The Lord of the Crane.

Axel looks forward to the new challenges of each day and enjoys working directly with customers. As “Lord of the Crane,” Axel is not only in charge of the large apparatuses, but is also experienced in more common daily roadside assistance. In his opinion, hardly any other job could offer this kind of versatility.

Roadside Assistant Rafael

Always On Call.

From trainee to professional, Rafael is fast, precise, and always ready. He is your man when it comes to roadside assistance. No job is too complex, no drive is too far. He is always keen and friendly when it comes to helping customers, even when things get dicey. 100% Team Schnell!

Roadside Assistant Silvio

Our career changer.

Is a passionate driver and has been in the team for a year. Being a career changer means becoming happy with us. Helping and always a smile on the face - that's a match! Silvio our always good-humored towing-allrounder has found his happiness on the road.

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