Correctly Report a Breakdown

What information do I need?

First of all, keep calm and take stock of the situation. The more details you provide to headquarters, the faster we can organize help.

Have this important information ready:

  • First and last name
  • ADAC membership number (if applicable)
  • Vehicle brand, type, color
  • License plate of your vehicle
  • Breakdown or accident location
  • Cause of breakdown or accident
  • Phone number in case of further inquiries 

Determine the location of the breakdown or accident as precisely as possible: The more precise the given location, the simpler and faster you can be helped. Always state the direction of travel. Cell phones and navigation devices can be very helpful. Pay attention to all details such as town, street, or other signs. Of course, you can also mention practical location information such as shopping centers or other obvious landmarks.

Describe the cause of the breakdown or the situation of the accident as exactly as possible. Common causes of breakdown include: the engine doesn’t start, flat tire, the keys are locked in the vehicle, the gas tank is empty, or an accident. For other kinds of trouble, we will need your help to determine the damage:

  • What error does your vehicle’s display report?
  • What control or warning light is on in the display area? A quick look at the operating instructions or vehicle manual can be very helpful.
  • What unusual noises, smells, or vibrations can you detect?
  • Is there steam rising from the engine compartment or exhaust? If so, what color? 

Emergency Points — No cell phone at hand, no reception, or a dead battery?

  • Emergency points can be found on federal highways and motorways every two kilometers. Simply follow the black arrows on the guide posts.
  • Specifically request ADAC roadside assistance. 
  • At older emergency points, you must still give your location. You can find the exact location written under the flap at the emergency point. Newer emergency points share the location automatically.