Best Equipped

Rafael gives us a look at his roadside assistance vehicle

One out of over 1700 yellow angels across Germany is currently not in use. We want to take advantage of this rare moment to take a look at Rafael’s ADAC-Zafira roadside assistance vehicle. With over 300kg of equipment on board, he is on the go with Team Schnell every day and lends a hand, his equipment, and his know-how with heart and mind.

His equipment includes over 600 tools, spare parts, and accessories. This also includes diagnostic devices, jump-starters, compressors, and safety materials to secure accident sites as well as a first aid kit. Sometimes the simplest things are the most important, be it a fuse for a vehicle’s electric system, fuel to get you to the next gas station, or an extra tire. Often, however, more demanding solutions are needed, and Rafael must dig into his toolbox and diagnose the problem. Either the solution can be fixed on site, or the vehicle will have to be towed to the next specialist workshop.

All of Team Schnell’s vehicles are outfitted with comprehensive communications technology including GPS for determining locations. With this, our dispatchers can receive assignments from headquarters and transfer them directly. After an emergency call in a corresponding region, Rafael or the nearest free roadside assistance vehicle can move in.

The operation of our yellow angels in the Berlin-Brandenburg region are controlled from our headquarters in Genshagen (near Berlin). Around 220 vehicles are replaced every year, ensuring that the ADAC fleet is always up to date with the newest technology. After all, the challenges in vehicle technology become increasingly more varied and complex every year. Every new vehicle model goes through a series of demanding control tests for acceptance into the fleet and is even put through an in-house ADAC crash test. To protect our roadside assistants as well as everyone else on the road, the safety of our vehicles is always a priority for ADAC.

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